Only 50% of our costs are reimbursed by insurance.

You can help offset the $400,000 total cost to rehabilitate one patient’s cleft.

Please help Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic bring bright hope to help more children and families. Your gift can close the huge gap between treatment costs and what is able to be reimbursed by insurances and each family’s ability to pay.

As a donor to Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic, you can help children live their happiest, healthiest futures. You can be part of this amazing gift!

Your gift impacts families.

Give the gift of a bright future.

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Why I Give

After being involved with the Rotary Club of
Lancaster for 16 years including her service as immediate past president, Althea knows the value of contributing to LCPC. The club and the clinic have a long-standing history. Our founder H. K. Cooper served as a member, and Rotary provided him with the seed funding to start the clinic in 1938. Althea Ramsay Carrigan, who has a cousin with a cleft palate, and was herself born with jaw issues, saw the needs at LCPC and advocated for the Rotary to allot more funds to donate to the organization. “It made all the difference in the world,” she said.

Althea Ramsay Carrigan

Sam Lombardo and his wife, Dena, both have a heart for LCPC because the organization gives so much back to children and the community. Sam has been hosting a golf tournament for the past 15 years to benefit LCPC. He believes that those who have been blessed financially should “give back” to the community and to others. Giving to LCPC holds him to his mission and allows him to support an organization that he is passionate about and loves.

Sam Lombardo

I’ve been blessed with four healthy children, and I’ve never had to go through a life-changing situation like the parents at our clinic. I give and volunteer because LCPC is making a difference in the lives of many, many children in South Central Pennsylvania. The professionals know the impact they can have, and that’s why they’re open with their extensive research: so everyone, anywhere can grow and achieve their best potential.

Bunnie Buckwalter

Thank You, Donors!

The Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic family would like to say thank you to our donors. Without your generosity and support, our clinic would not have the same effect on your community. You’ve made our mission possible; you’ve brightened the smiles of our clients! Thank you for standing behind us, both physically and financially.

$100,000 & ABOVE
The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation
Samuel N. Lombardo Foundation
CRELS Foundation
Four Seasons Produce, Inc.
William and Kitt Gamber
Kiwanis Club Of Lititz Area
Reformed Mennonite Church
Abigail L. Longenecker Memorial
Anonymous ExtraGive 2018
The Estate of Mary Baer
The Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation
Bunnie Buckwalter
Victor Da Costa and Elizabeth Prada
David Esh
Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder
Philip and Patricia Frey
The Robert J. Gunterberg
Charitable Foundation
Hartman Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Livingston Trout and Mellinger
Medical Research Fund
Herbert S. Long
James B Macomson
Network for Good
North Star Marketing, Inc
Republican Club Of Hanover Pennsylvania
John and Grace Rosenow
Rotary Club Of Lititz
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Michael and Ani Stull
Joel and Brienne Taylor
William and Susan Adams
AT&T Your Cause/Employee
Giving Campaign
Philip Bonanno
Mark Brinser
Peter and Meg Brubaker
John and Peggy Bryner
Edward and Barbara Carr
Ilene Cottington
Steven Crognale
Blake and Janice Daub
Dela Ches Fishing Association
Kirsten Esbenshade
The Fasnacht Family Foundation
Robert and Lisa Freeman
James Frey
Henry and Joan Gibbel
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Mark Goedecker and Jennifer Rein
Glenn Gross
Mary Hafner
David and Tammy Hanson
William and Eleanor Honaman
David E. Hosler
IBM Employee Services Center
Howard Kelin and Maryann Marotta
David C. Leber
Edwin Lee and Wanda Flinn
Ross and Barbara Long
Linda Mamourian
Adam and Andrea Martin
Mohammad and Nahied Mazaheri
Mennonite Home Communities
Barbara Michael
John and Andrea Miller
Gail Morrison-Hall
Neffsville Plumbing and Heating Services
Peter Parsil and M. Brooke Minnich
J. Megan Porter
Michael and Maureen Rostolsky
Thomas and Georgina Russo
John and Joyce Saeger
Donald R. Seifel
Gary and Christina Seldomridge
Craig and Rachel Sharnetzka
Jeffrey and Alisa Sholly
Andrea L. Smith
Douglas and Mary Smith
William Smythe
Keith J. Stewart
Ronald and Pat Tweed
United Way Of The Capital Region
VFW Littlestown Home Assoc.
Hilda Weaver
Duane and Katherine Weiss
Jeffrey and Deborah Weller
Chris and Suzanne Woodard
Jesse and Sarah Woodrow
Harry and Carol Yost

James Alton
AmazonSmile Foundation
Kevin and Missy Anderson
Maralyn J. Anderson
Robert and Jo Andrews
Anonymous – Exelon
James and Cathryn Appel
Richard Ashby, Jr.
Kristy Aurand
Allen and Rosanne Ayala
John and Ramona Bachman
Mary Ellen Bachman
Charles and Anna Barry
Robert Basarab
Alene Bash
Roxanne Batterden
Ronald and Joan Beck
Jacob Beiler
Robert and Julia Belser
Benevity Causes
Elizabeth Bennett
Charles and Anne Besterman
Danielle Bidus
Corry and Jennifer Bilby
Walter and Mary Zoe Bilski
Damian and Patricia Birchess
Joshua and Carey Blantz
Frederick Bloom
Ted and Laurin Bloom
Alan and Susan Borislow
John and Joanne Bowman
Randy and Tina Bowman
Susan Bowman
Donald and Jacqueline Brennan
Robert Brewer
Mary Brighthaupt
Ellen Brinton
Robert and Donna Brosbe
Brown Family Charitable Fund
Raymond Buckwalter and Daniel J. Dube
Raymond Bures and Jackolyn Brinkman
David and Connie Burkholder
George and Catherine Byerly
John Byers and Pat Veser
Steven Byers
Roger and Yvonne Calhoon
Voorhis and Mary Cantrell
Susan Carkoski
Jay and Mary Ann Carpenter
Terry and Margaret Carper
James and Marilyn Chastek
Debra Chillas
Larry and Lori Ciarrocca
Rebecca Cintron
James Clark
Joslyn Clay
Tom and Celine Clouse
Christopher Connell
Jennifer Conner
Herbert and Barbara Cooper
Jane Cope
William and Susan Corwell
Howard and Susanne Cox
Crognale and Collins Family
The Crassas Family
Melissa Crognale and Sofia Alfaro
Robert and Ferne Crumrine
Wasna Dabbagh
Leah Davis
DE-JA INC-Pub 217
Vincent and Judith DiObilda
Dombrowski Eye Associates
Cynthia Donahue
Stephen and Catherine Donohue
John Dowling
David and Karen Drevyanko
Gilbert and Sarah Dufault
Eagles Auxiliary 2226
Howard and Evelyn Eckstein
Thomas and June Edwards
Robert and Abigail Ellis
Diane Ernst
Exelon Corporation
John Faiola
Lisa Farmer
Paul and Sandra Farmer
Donald and Dorothy Feiler
Mark Fetterman
Clair and Karen Finkenbinder
Scott and Laura Fiore
Elizabeth Fish
Kathleen Fish
Michael Fish
Thomas and Janele Fish
Jean Flanagan
Bill and Shirley Flickinger
Calvin Flury
Frederick and Nancy Ford
Andrea Foss
Monica Foss
Matthew Freedman
Mary Freisher
Tom and Elaine Fulmer
John and Ann Fulton
Benjamin and Heather Funk
Miranda Gardiner
Scott and Traceylyn Gardener

Marian Gerhart
Karen Gerrick
Christopher Ginder and Christy Bowditch
David and Beth Gingrich
Robert Gitman
Jay and Meghan Glick
Joyce Glorioso
John and Barbara Good
Wayne Gordner
Lori Gott
Matthew and Kristine Gray
Gerald and Aurora Green
Gary and Christine Groff
Robert and Linda Groff
Scott and Judy Haiges
Brenton and Sharon Hake
Sunil Hari
James and Phyllis Harnish
Martin Harsh
William and Marcia Hartman
Adam Heaps
Charles Helm
Dan and Liz Helm
Jean Henne
Jean Hennen
Eileen Henry
Peter and Rachel Higgins
Dale and Sadie High
Caroline Nunan Hill
Le Hinton
Bruce Hirte
William and Cheryl Hoerr
John and Dai Ann Hook
Elizabeth Hooper
Eric and Holly Hoover
Raymond and Susan Horan
Zoe Horan
Jack and Mary Hostetter
Grace House
James and Alace Humphreville
Patricia Huse
Isaac’s Deli
Wayne and Sheila Iskra
Holly Jenner
Grant Keener
Brian and Nycole Keeport
Clarence and Jody Kegel
Edward and Susan Kenkelen
Mike and Sue Kennedy
Timothy and Debbie Kershner
Steven and Nan Killough
Christine King
Gideon and Ruth King
Andrew and Lindsey Kirchner
William and Mary Ellen Kopetz
Scott and Vickie Kreider
Lancaster Salvage Company
James and Elaine Landis
Robert and Alissa Larkin
Rebecca Lattanzio
Lebanon County Housing Authority
Bethany Leister
Mark Lewis
Sam Lewis
Christopher Lilley
Sharon Lilley
William and Joy Linton
Andrew and Julia Long
Donald and Jolene L’Tainen
Beverly Ludwig
John and Susan Lupey
Mike and Celia MaGilton
Donald Main and Stacie Molnar-Main
Walter and Marcia Maloney
Hans Marks
Patricia Marks
Curtis and Joanne Martin
Ray and Katheryn Martin
John and Bonnie Matthew
George and Jessica May
William McCann
James and Linda McElroy
Roger and Marie McInnes
William McQuate
Daniel and Brenda Megivern
Todd and Mary Melisauskas
Donald and Susan Mellinger
Steven and Sarah Mentzer
John Messick
Jordan and Anna Metzler Sr
Daniel and Janet Metzler
Julie Meyers
Kerry Meyers
Patricia Meyers
Eduardo Meza
Harry and Pamela Middleton
Darla Miles
Michael and Janis Miller
Scott E. Miller
Stephen and Frances Miller
Amy Minoski
Nancy Minoski
Robert and Jodi Moore
Amy Moore-Ungemach
Michael and Lydia Morgan
Arthur E. Morris
Hadyn Morris
Damien and Laura Mscisz
Mt. Tabor Church of The Nazarene
Virginia Mullin
Logan and Lynn Myers
Bonnie A. Nell
The Nestor Charitable Foundation

Yana Newman
Paul Nicklaus
Peter and Marlene Null
Ying-Lee Ong
Park City Diner
Scott and Kelly Parson
Gregory C. Paul
Joseph and Susan Peachey
David Peck and Cordelia Moyse
John and Rose Peluchette
J B and Sarah Peterman
John and Deb Peterman
Lynn Peters
Andrew Peyton and Kit Mary
Patricia Pfister
Denise Polin
Katherine Prada
Iwan and Elizabeth Praton
John Price
Dave and Judy Pusey
Jeffrey and Nicole Putt
Jeremy Quinn
Conan Raffensperger and Ruth
Kenneth Ralph
Jeremy and Kristy Reeser
Joey Reever and Cathy Henry
Andre and Patricia Renna
Keith S. Richmond
Keith and Beth Roberts
Craig and Dianne Roda
Tim and Sue Roehm
John Rohrer
Vincent Rose
Gerald and Carla Rothacker
Marie Royce
Todd Rucci
Abby H. Rudisill
Akbar and Sally Samii
Gary Sample and Joan L.
David and Cathy Santangelo
John C. Sapper
David and Valerie Sarver
John and Janet Schmitt
Brian and Alicia Schmude
Michael and Jane Schreder
Ronald Schrotberger
Susan Scott
Robert Sentf
Craig and Rachel Sharnetzka
Roberta M. Shaub
Carrie Shaw
Jack and Mary Beth Shenk
Maria Sholly
Lloyd E. Smith
Linda Sommer
Robert and Kathy Stanley
Nelson and Joyce Steffy
Deborah Stevenson
Donald and Kim Stoner
Patricia A Sueck
Patricia R. Sullivan
Timothy Sullivan and Lavera
J. Harold and June Summers
Jeffrey and Jane Tennis
John and Anne Thayer
Ann Thomas
Joshua and Shannon Thomas
Paul Thompson
Janet Treer
Robert and Kay Troxell
United Way Of Central Maryland
United Way Of Lancaster County
Lester J. Unser
Willem and Thea Van Huystee
Mike and Pam Vigunas
Philip and Beth Wade
Merle Waesche
M. Kay Warfel
William Waters
Steven and Ava Waugh
Kathryn Weeks
Michael and Sandra Wege
Diann E. Weller
Elizabeth Wenger
James and Kathy Wegner
Cynthia A. Werzyn
Carol Ann Widmayer
James Williams
Michelle Wittig
Gregory E. Woods
Wayne and Cheri Work
Nicholas and Catherine L. Yoder
Thomas and Mary Yohe
Your Cause – MUFG
Danielle Youtz
Ronald and Marie Yurchak
Gerald Zangari
Ashley Zell
Carol Zebre
Thomas and Whitney Zima
John and Cathy Zink-Saladik

Gamber Foundation
The Estate of Michael Nunziata
Rotary Club Of Lancaster
The Weiss Family
Lancaster Orthodontic Associates
Steven Killough, MD
Victor DaCosta, MD
Wanda Flinn, DDS
Wasna Dabbagh, DMD
Robert Belser, MD
Joni Soost (KPETS: Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services)

We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled your name. Please contact the Development Office to rectify any error.

Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic Endowments
(as of November 2019)

Diller Speech Fund for Speech Services
Kitt L. Gamber Fund
Helping Hands Fund
Long / Cooper Fund for Research and Education
Caroline Steinman Nunan Fund
Oxford Fund
Thomas Wolf Trust for Education

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