Infant Feeding Assistance

Infant Feeding Assistance

We offer a free prenatal or pre-adoption consult that is designed to empower our families so when their baby or child arrives, they have been educated on caring for a child with a cleft lip or cleft palate. This consultation also introduces what the first several years will look like and set expectations for treatment of their clefts. The most important thing to us is that parents know they are not alone in this journey.


We begin with a free Prenatal or Pre-Adoption Consult for families, then add free Home & Hospital Visits as needed. Our feeding specialist is on-call 24/7 for any feeding questions or concerns. Ongoing feeding management includes weight checks, nutritional support and follow-up calls with Primary Care Physicians and other medical providers involved. Our feeding specialist travels up to three hours away from our clinic to provide feeding support to a baby in any hospital after birth or in-home as needed. 

“We offer 24/7 support to families and specialists across the US via phone calls, FaceTime and Skype. Our free prenatal and pre-adoption consults truly prepare our families for caring for their child’s unique needs.” –Abbie Ellis, Feeding Specialist


The Social Worker and feeding specialist will typically meet with parents prior to a child’s birth, then again when an infant is 2-3 weeks of age. Follow-ups typically occur at 2 months of age if there are feeding concerns or poor weight gain. We also follow up post-op after their lip surgery around 3 months of age, again at 8 months of age, and again at their post-op appointment following their palate repair, usually around 1 year of age. After age two, we will consult as needed.

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